Christmas in Australia

Dieses Jahr haben wir das Glück und dürfen Weihnachten mal wieder mit der Familie im sonnigen Downunder verbringen. Weihnachten in Australien unterscheidet sich doch etwas von dem Weihnachten in Deutschland und wir freuen uns, ein bisschen Sonne und die Erlebnisse während unserer Weihnachtszeit in Australien mit allen Daheimgebliebenen zu teilen. 

Christmas time on the biggest island in the world is very different from the white and cold Christmas experienced by Europeans. Where I’m from we have temperatures in the high 30s during Christmas time, so being outside next to the water is often the best place to be.

Students have school holidays from the middle of December until the start of February, so many people take time off work over Christmas. Some families go camping by the Murry river, some play cricket or Aussie rules football and some just laze by to the pool. One thing most Aussies do is have BBQs. We love being outside and the best way to be outside during Christmas time is with a cold beer and a hot BBQ. Christmas is a time for relaxation, friends, family, drinking and eating.

In Australia Santa delivers his presents in a big red fire truck pulled by Kangaroos.